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Brand Collaborations

Ana was interviewed by Charlo Greene on her well known online TV series, "Charlo's Place."  Pictured with Charlo Green after the said interview.  Ana was able to assist in getting Danielle Espinel (CannaLatino) booked on the show alongside of Ana.

Connecting with the Community

Ana is pictured here with other "lady leaders" during her attendance of the annual, Mother's High Tea in Denver, Colorado.  Ana has worked hard to love across borders and engage with some of the most knowledgeable in the space.

Branding Across Borders

Ana connections with individuals around the globe and has expanded her reach by doing the simplest, and humanistic things.  Providing help or guidance.  Ana began to create her brand, before she even knew she was a brand.  Now that her reach expands across borders and she has been able to help company brand's from around the globe, she has set her sails to build her online branding empire.

Bridging the Gap

Within 4 years, Ana has succeeded in the building of 7 projects that have been helping the community in several different ways.  Small tokens of change that are making a difference in several lives.  Ana continues this work with her largest organizational project and rapid success in the space, The Cannabis Diversity Council and Alliances.  The CDCA is a global organization that aims to elevate, educate and empower diverse communities to succeed in and with cannabis.  The CDCA has a second mission that aims to give back to the communities we serve!  Follow Ana and her council's progress at www.cdca.net

Next Steps...

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