Mo’ “Money,” Mo’ Problems: The dark side of “ugly money.”

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Online bullies are of few strategies, all of which are appeals to baser human emotions. Bullies are things we used to be able to fight or ignore, not anymore. Now the bully is a person who has a relentless narcissism and a hatred for those who succeed where they fail. The bully used to just be a troubled youth who was likely an abuse victim and angry at the world for not caring. Bullying in itself is a social pressure that give adults the skills to succeed in life – if properly focused the bully learns to be a leader. This dynamic is no longer a rule or regularity. Social media interactions with bullies have shown that there is another echelon of the bully; the relentless hater. This bully wants glory and fame, and they hate the hint of anyone else succeeding. The relentless hater is the crab in the bucket who just sits there pulling down all the crabs that try to escape. The hater never even tries to escape themselves but instead find joy in making their peers suffer for trying. The relentless hater appears to be fighting to climb out but an outsider can plainly see the relentless hater’s tactics.

Social media is the strongest platform to bring brand awareness and new nonprofit organizations best chance at netting a solid contract/supporter. It can drive the deals and make or break an organizations future. Social media can also be the rustiest nail in a business’s coffin, a perfectly unsuspecting nonprofit organization could go from startup to a cacophony of screeching comments and accusations seemingly from nowhere.

There once was a Cubana lass who wanted to be involved in social equity, along came the Angry Woman who claims to run LA. In person the Angry Woman came to the Cubana lass.

“I want your social equity org to fly under my flag. I run LA – if you’re a real social equity org you fly under my banner.”
“No, I will not fly under your banner, I am doing just fine on my own and I want to make a difference. I see nothing but paid for press releases for your back story. No thank you I want something real. Good luck with your org.”

That was when it started – the Cuban slave trade. The Angry Woman ran to her only source of power – social media – her D-list rating as a celebrity garners her a dedicated group of followers who will descend upon her prey from the depths of the internet. Here is where the world takes her serious she sharpens her virtual talons, looks upon the Cuban lass and decides she is indeed a white lass. The Angry Woman begins her attack on the poor unsuspecting org and equates the work they do to modern day slavery – and hurls racist antiwhite bigotry at the poor woman. Remember ladies, gentlemen, and other, this is a supposed leader in social equity hurling racist comments at a person of color and hiding behind Rosanne’s excuse – “I thought the -itch was white!”


The above story is true, the org is suffering from libel in a manner that hinders the success ratio of all involved. The antagonist is now too busy putting the newb in her place that she is accomplishing nothing in the social equity front all just to hinder a woman who is. What can be done to push back? The best strategy is to have prepared for this eventuality beforehand and to prepare your org to be fully transparent. The responsibility of defanging these types of bullies doesn’t just lie on the targets. Participants of social media must evolve their social habits to be plastic to the environment. Online bullies have only lies and conjecture that are easily proven to be just that. Human tribalism and the lure of the titillating story lend power to these bullies in ways that far outstrip the bully’s own influence. If every participant on social media made it their personal responsibility to check sources and facts when presented with a story about an organization Red Cross could have done better with Puerto Rico (it turns out a simple search into a third-party group who watches over nonprofits shows the social media cry to stay away from Red Cross got the facts exactly backwards despite Red Cross being one of the most transparent nonprofits in the world.)

The responsibility lies with the consumer more now than ever to be informed – yet people are completely satisfied having their perception manipulated and turned into a weapon against people they don’t know. The hurry to prove one’s virtue to the internet leaves a string of innocent people turned into villains for the amusement or benefit of a real villain. Chase the story and lose your logic, decency and your humanity in the hunt. Observe, research, learn, and be the difference you want to see on the internet, be the counter weight to the trolls and “Angry Woman” who just want to tear down everything they didn’t build. Stand aside today and tomorrow the Angry Woman will be at your door wanting what you built and threatening you with libel – maybe not her but one just like her. Stand for reality and not “personal truths” (delusional lies) and prevent this damage from hurting those who really need help – the choice is yours.

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